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Green Chameleon RICS Chartered Surveyors is a family run business with Karena Ellis-Greenway at the helm offering over 25 years of experience in the surveying industry.  Karena is a RICS General Practice Surveyor with a wealth of knowledge which she is happy to impart and share with clients and other professionals.

All our Clients are important to us, therefore we offer a personal service that is tailored to the Client’s needs and requirements with good old fashioned quality customer service. This is our promise:

  • We do not turn up and just walk around… “I have a job to do, let me get on with it” …just doesn’t work for us!
  • Talk to you upon arrival to ensure you are aware of what we are going to be doing n- it is your home after all!
  • Accept a cup of tea if offered..and a biccy goes down well!
  • If there is something that can be rectified easily that allows the sale to progress, we will discuss it with you where possible.

Green Chameleon offers day placement for students interested in surveying as a career, or to gain work place training.  Please CONTACT US for further information and a discussion.


Karena is a RICS Registered Valuer (residential).

Work includes residential properties to purchase, probate, or will inclusions.

RICS Homebuyers Survey

If you are buying a property you cannot rely on a basic mortgage valuation alone, as this does not take into account any defects within the property that may cost you substantial sums of money in the long term.

Having a RICS Homebuyer Survey carried out can save you money and help you by:

  • Making an informed decision on whether to commit to purchase the property
  • Deciding if the price you are paying is reasonable
  • Taking into account any repairs that the property may need
  • Deciding if any further advice is needed before committing to purchase.

This report also includes a valuation figure and reinstatement value for insurance purposes.

Green Chameleon can carry out this report for you and give you some peace of mind before making the biggest financial decision of your life!

Contact Karena for further information and prices.

RICS Building Survey

If you are buying a property that is older, more unusual or you think may need substantial work then this report could be ideal.

Green Chameleon can provide this report which includes all details of problems affecting the property and is far more detailed than the Homebuyer Report.

We will carry out an inspection of all visible and accessible parts of the building including roofs, walls, floors, windows/doors, chimneys, cellars, garages and outbuildings.  Surveyors have a legal responsibility to discover and inform of any major problems with a property, so during the inspection surveyors will actively search for potential problems and defects which will all be noted within the report.

This report can also be tailored to your own individual needs so we always like to discuss the property with the Client before the inspection.

Please note that this report does not include a valuation or reinstatement figure but can be included as an additional extra if required.

Contact Karena for further information and prices.

Overview Survey

Green Chameleon offer a simple overview survey for investors who know properties but would like our professional advice and to cast our eye over a potential investment prior to purchase.

Contact Karena for further information and prices.

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